Convocatoria: Revista CounterText (Universidad de Edimburgo) (Fecha límite: 10 de febrero de 2016)

La revista CounterText de la Universidad de Edimburgo abre su convocatoria para recibir artículos en torno a manifestaciones performativas en escrituras contemporáneas, que promueven distintas dinámicas de producción, lectura y recepción de textos a partir de mediaciones corporales y tecnológicas. Los artículos seleccionados se publicarán en la edición invierno 2016 – primavera 2017. Fecha límite de entrega de propuestas: 10 de febrero de 2016. Más información en:

Call for Papers: ASAP / Journal (fecha de cierre: Marzo 15, 2015)

Open Call for Submissions Solicited are articles, book reviews, and artist interviews directly speaking to the concerns, aesthetics, ethics, politics, forms, and methodologies of the literary, media, visual, or performing arts after 1960, though we will consider articles that examine relationships between the contemporary arts and the art of previous periods. Articles exploring new aesthetic theories and new techniques and forms, as well as interrelations between the contemporary arts, are particularly welcomed. Articles accepted starting May 2014. Last date for submissions is March 15, 2015. Please send inquiries and/or submissions via email to Subject line: “Submission: Open Call Issue” […]

Poetry and Collaboration in the Age of Modernism

Poetry and Collaboration in the Age of Modernism 2nd–3rd July 2015 Keynote Speakers: Alex Davis (University College Cork) Peter Howarth (Queen Mary) Poems are the products of collaborative exchange. This is possibly at no point more apparent than during the period of Anglophone modernism. From the late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century, poets and poems interacted with a complex array of publishing outlets; partnerships were established with musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, broadcasters, and theatre practitioners; and translation was a central creative practice. All the same, the modes and sites of such collaboration remain critically under-examined. They can elude current historical, theoretical, […]