Call for Papers: “LEFTovers: What’s L/left of Literature and Critical Theory in the 21st Century?” (Marzo 13-14, 2015))

Comparative Literature Intra-Student Faculty Forum (CLIFF) A Graduate Conference March 13-14, 2015 University of Michigan—Ann Arbor; Department of Comparative Literature Keynote Address by Susan Buck-Morss (Distinguished Professor of Political Science, CUNY Graduate Center; Professor Emeritus, Department of Government, Cornell University) Are the humanities inherently “progressive”? Is such a belief—if, indeed, we have it—a legacy of “the Left” in academia, and is it a legacy that all of us, whether we’re “on the left” or not, must somehow deal with in our scholarship? Those of us in the humanities have been charged with answering for all our “theory,” for our love […]