Call for Papers: Summer School “Truth Commisions and the Culture of Dissenting Memory in the Global South” (Fecha de cierre: 15 de diciembre 2015) // Universidad de Tubinga, Alemania


Call for Papers

Summer School, 25-29 July 2016 in Tübingen, Germany

Truth Commissions and the Culture of Dissenting Memory in the Global South

The 1990s and the 2000s saw a spate of so-called truth commissions across the Global South. The most famous of these were the Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up by the incoming post-apartheid government in South Africa and the twinned Gacaca courts and National Unity and Reconciliation Commission in Rwanda (which offered divergent models of the ‘working through’ of violent and oppressive histories) –but from Latin America to Australia various truth commissions have sought to lay bare human rights abuses.

The summer school will deal with the manifold ways in which histories are debated and indeed historicity and historiography themselves are interrogated via the narrative modes of the truth commissions and the various medial responses (memoirs, fiction, poetry, film, art) which have emerged in the wake of the truth commissions. The truth commissions can be regarded as crystallizing a long tradition of contestatory and resisting cultures of memorialization in the public sphere across the Global South; they have provided a significant template for contemporary attempts to work through episodes of violence and oppression across the Global South.

Keynote speaker: Véronique Tadjo, affiliated Professor of French at the University of the Witwatersrand, Global South “Public Intellectual Fellow” in 2015 and 2016, and participant in a writers’ project in Rwanda in 1998 (“Écrire par devoir de mémoire”), will talk about her follow-up project surveying the state of initiatives for reconciliation almost 10 years later.

May we request team-leaders to gather suggestions for teaching workshops with a theme, short abstract, possible reference texts, and essay questions for assessment – please notify Andrée Gerland ( by 15 December 2015. Team leaders are requested to make the summer school known to students in their universities so that all arrangements can be made very early.