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Call for Papers: “Impression(s): 1880-1920” (16 octubre 2015) Université de Bourgogne (Dijón, Francia)

On the occasion of the symposium “Impression(s): 1880-1920” organised by the Image-Texte-Langage research centre (EA 4182) at the University of Burgundy on 16th October 2015, we wish to invite contributions that explore the relationship between art criticism, literary impressionism and printmaking from the late 19th century to the immediate postwar period in Britain. We invite researchers, librarians, curators and collectors to examine the writings and artwork of art critics and writers who were also professional or amateur printmakers, namely in the fields of lithography, wood-engraving, woodcut, and etching. The symposium aims to discuss intermedial practices, the mutual influence of artistic […]

Call for Papers: ASAP / Journal (fecha de cierre: Marzo 15, 2015)

Open Call for Submissions Solicited are articles, book reviews, and artist interviews directly speaking to the concerns, aesthetics, ethics, politics, forms, and methodologies of the literary, media, visual, or performing arts after 1960, though we will consider articles that examine relationships between the contemporary arts and the art of previous periods. Articles exploring new aesthetic theories and new techniques and forms, as well as interrelations between the contemporary arts, are particularly welcomed. Articles accepted starting May 2014. Last date for submissions is March 15, 2015. Please send inquiries and/or submissions via email to Subject line: “Submission: Open Call Issue” […]

el funàmbul

Presentació: Es diu que la diferència essencial entre els dos vessants del coneixement humà, les humanitats i les ciències, és que en les primeres el terme progrés no té cap mena de sentit. Tot i que la linialitat de la corda en què recolzem tots dos peus pugui fer pensar el contrari, el contingut de El funàmbul confirma aquest principi. El fet que hàgim de mirar endavant és només circumstancial. «[…] algú ha de fer malabarismes sobre la corda» escriu Franz Kafka en una carta que el juny de 1921 va dirigir al seu amic Max Brod. Amb tota la […]

Call for Papers: “LEFTovers: What’s L/left of Literature and Critical Theory in the 21st Century?” (Marzo 13-14, 2015))

Comparative Literature Intra-Student Faculty Forum (CLIFF) A Graduate Conference March 13-14, 2015 University of Michigan—Ann Arbor; Department of Comparative Literature Keynote Address by Susan Buck-Morss (Distinguished Professor of Political Science, CUNY Graduate Center; Professor Emeritus, Department of Government, Cornell University) Are the humanities inherently “progressive”? Is such a belief—if, indeed, we have it—a legacy of “the Left” in academia, and is it a legacy that all of us, whether we’re “on the left” or not, must somehow deal with in our scholarship? Those of us in the humanities have been charged with answering for all our “theory,” for our love […]